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The lockers should be emptied and padlocks removed the same day.

This year, payment of entry fees will be cashless only.



Here you may find answers to the most common questions concerning:








If you still can't find the answer to your question here below, feel free to email us at

  • I am eligible for access, but not a seasonal subscriber. Can I still enter the UN beach?
    Yes. If you are eligible to enter, you can either pay an entrance fee of CHF 5 each time you enter, or become a subscriber for the entire season. If you opt to pay an entrance fee, you will need to show proof of affiliation (e.g. your badge from an international organization, carte de légitimation, contract...). Do bear in mind though, non-subscribers cannot borrow any equipment (such as paddleboards and kayaks) which is only available to subscribers, for free (no rental possible). Plus, during peak hours you’ll probably have to queue while you pay the entrance fee. Subscribers enter quickly by showing their digital cards. If you'd like to subscribe for the season, click on the button "Subscribe" at the top menu.
  • What do I need to enter the UN beach?
    You need to be eligible to enter, and either pay an entrance fee of CHF 5 (cashless only) or be a subscriber for the season. Bear in mind there are benefits you cannot have if you opt for just paying the entrance fee (see questions below about "Subscriptions").
  • Can I get more than one equipment card?
    No. Only one equipment card can be issued per family (under the name of the main subscriber).
  • Who has access to UN Port? Who is eligible to enter?
    Active or retired staff members, interns, consultants, trainees and accredited correspondents of the United Nations Office at Geneva and other Geneva-based international organizations; Members of permanent missions, diplomatic and consular corps, accredited to the United Nations Office at Geneva and other Geneva-based international organizations; Active staff members of Geneva-based international NGOs. You may find here a (non-exhaustive) list of eligible organisations. If you are still not sure whether your affiliation allows you to access the UN beach, feel free to ask us at
  • Can I invite non-UN / non-international friends to come to the UN beach?
    Yes, but you need to be there onsite to greet them (they can't just enter on their own). Guards need to check that you are the eligible person inviting non-elegible guests. Alternatively, if you arrive before your group of guests you may give a list to the guards with their names so you don't have to greet them personally at the entrance. Remember: your non-UN / non-international guests still have to pay their entrance fee (or you can pay it for them).
  • Can someone who is not affiliated to an international organization or diplomatic mission enter UN Port?
    No, unless they are guests of (accompanied by) someone who is elegible to enter UN Port, or as a registered family member of a subscriber of UN Port.
  • How can I add family members in my account?
    When you log into your account, under “Membership”, and clicking on the button “New membership”, the system will give you the option to add subscriptions for family members.
  • How can I subscribe for the season?
    Click the button "Subscribe" at the top menu, fill out the form, select your subscriptions, and follow the steps.
  • As a subscriber, will I receive a plastic card to access the UN beach?
    No. You will not receive a plastic card to access the UN beach. To enter, you'll have to show your DIGITAL CARD with a QR code that you can find online by logging into your account ( The best way to keep your digital cards handy is by installing our mobile app on your smartphone. Install it now via Google Play or the Apple Store. Alternatively, you can take a screenshot of the digital card and save it as image on your phone, or print it on paper. Bear in mind: this digital card is different from the "equipment card" (see section below "Use of equipment").
  • What is the benefit of taking up a subscription for the season?
    Taking up a subscription for entire season allows you: Unlimited access. Avoid queueing at the entrance. (because you only have to show your digital card to enter) The possibility to borrow equipment for free, such as pedalos, paddle boards and kayaks. (No rental is allowed for non-subscribers) Opt for private boat mooring.
  • Can I reserve the entire UN beach for a private event?
    No. Full privatization is not possible. Only group bookings at the restaurant or rooftop terrace. Please inquire with the restaurant for more details at
  • Are pets allowed at the UN Beach?
    No pets are allowed at the UN Beach.
  • How can I book a table at the restaurant?
    Please visit our webpage "The Restaurant" via the top navigation menu.
  • Can I reserve the picnic area at the UN beach?
    No. The garden area, including picnic tables/chairs, cannot be booked. It is used on a first come, first served basis. To ensure getting it on the day, arriving at the Beach as early as possible is advisable.
  • Where can I inquire about making a group booking at the restaurant or the rooftop terrace?
    Please email the restaurant at:
  • Can I reserve the BBQ grill at the UN beach?
    Please inquire directly with the restaurant at or give them a call at +41 22 731 87 82 .
  • Can I reserve equipment in advance?
    No. Equipment can't be reserved. It is only available on a first come, first served basis.
  • Can I borrow equipment, such as paddles boards (SUPs) and kayaks?
    Yes. Equipement is only available to seasonal subscribers, for free. It is not available for rental to non-subscribers (Sorry, no exceptions).
  • Can I borrow equipment, and then share it with someone else?
    Yes you can, but since the card is in your name you are still responsible for the equipment until it is returned, and answer for any damages, if ever.
  • Can equipment be rented on the spot?
    No. Equiment is only available to seasonal subscribers. It is not available for rent to non-subscribers. This means: if you enter the UN beach by paying the entrance fee (instead as a seasonal subscriber) you will not be able to use the equipment.
  • Can I share my equipment card with someone else?
    Yes, you can give your equipment card to someone else for that person to borrow equipment in your name. But bear in mind: since the card is in your name you are still responsible for the equipment until it is returned, and answer for any damages, if ever.
  • How do I get the equipment card?
    Equipment cards (which you exchange to borrow equipment) can be collected from the guards at the main entrance. The cards are normally issued approximately 7 days after the main subscription is purchased.
  • How do I borrow equipment at the UN beach?
    You need to exchange the piece of equipment you want to borrow for your "equipment card". You will be responsible for that equipment until it is returned. Ask the guards onsite.
  • Which boat sizes are permitted?
    Max boat size is 250cm wide and length should normally not exceed 5 meters, but it also depends on the allocated berth (some are more restrictive). At the time when a berth becomes available and it is your turn on the waiting list to take it, we will advise you.
  • How can I join the mooring waiting list?
    Please note that only active seasonal subscribers of UN Port can be on the waiting list (if you are not yet a seasonal subscriber, you can become one via the above link "subscribe"). A refundable application fee of CHF 100 is required in order to join the waiting list - to be refunded to you the moment you are allocated a berth or wish to withdraw from the list. For the bank details to pay the fee, please send an email to
  • Can I store my private equipment (paddleboard, kayak, or small boat) at UN Port?
    No, it is not possible at this time.
  • How long will I have to wait before getting a mooring?
    Unfortunately it is not possible to give an exact time estimate on the waiting list. A minimum waiting time of 2 to 3 years can be expected.
  • Is mooring at UN Port possible all-year round?
    No. Mooring at UN Port is seasonal, starting May-June (when the water level permits) until 31 October.
  • Is there any boat mooring available at this time?
    No, unfortunately there is no mooring currently available at UN Port at this time. However, anyone interested can join the waiting list.
  • What are the mooring prices?
    Inside the harbour: For boats up to 215 cm wide: CHF 1'100 For boats greater than 215 cm and up to 250 cm wide: CHF 1'430 ​ Outside the harbour: For boats up to 215 cm wide: CHF 880 For boats greater than 215 cm and up to 250 cm wide: CHF 1'144
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